Woven Geotextiles

Woven Geotextiles are made from weaving, high tenacity PP & Polyester, multifilament yarn. We manufacturer this fabric at Fully automatic Dornier Looms at Our ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Automatic Plant at Noida. We are manufacturing polypropylene woven geotextiles with tensile strength extending up to 300 kn/m. We are manufacturing polyester woven geotextiles with tensile strength expanding up to 900 kn/m.

We can manufacture geotextile upto 3.8 mtrs width. Geotextile bags & Geotextiles tubes are made from the above woven geotextile according to one needs and specification.


Geotextiles are used in Landscaping, Waterproofing, Erosion Control, Sports field, Golf courses, Terrace garden, Dams, Canals, Tunnels, Horticulture, Industrial Buildings, Roads, Paved & Unpaved Surfaces, Highways, Airports, Runways etc.

Non Woven Geotextiles

Non woven Geotextiles is made by needle punch, thermal or chemical bonding. Fibers are carded and needles punched & then bonded thermally to form nonwoven fabrics. The manufacturing process involves manufacturing of nonwoven fabric from polyester or PP fibres. We manufacturers from 15 gsm to 1500 gsm. The nonwoven geotextile fabric maintains a uniform settlement of the subgrade & hence improve the sub great strength & produce long life of the system. We can manufacturer up to 6.5 Mtrs width.


Jute Geotextiles

Jute geotextiles have been found useful for control of surface soil erosion, construction of embankment on weak soil as well as strengthening road pavement and surface for separation drainage and temporary reinforcement. As a filter it can be used for revetment of river and canal bank. Durability of the geotextiles is enhanced with the help of proper chemical treatment. After degradation it becomes part of the soil and so there is no chance of pollution out of it. Specification of the geotextiles and technical evaluation of the application areas have been discussed in the paper. It has been observed that the materials performed the geotechnical functions at a less cost.


Geo Composite (VTGC FINDRAIN)

VT GC Fin drains is a Geonet–Geotextile, Drainage Composite for Planar Drainage manufactured by HDPE Geonet and thermal bonded PP Nonwoven Geotextiles bonded to both sides. It is durable in both the harsh construction installation phase and aggressive soil PH range from 2-13.

It is used to give excellent lateral transitivity for the transmission of the water or other fluids within the plane of the drain. Application include sheet interceptor drain behind reinforced wall and reinforced steep slopes, land fill leachate transmission and collection, and use with multiple layered water proofing and roof deck drain system.

Advantage Of Geocomposite

Geotextile layer at the base acts as filter. The drainage net will do the function of draining off the water with geotextile layer acting as a filter which will not allow clogging to occur. High level of consistency in quality and is maintained Construction is simple as it is very easy to lay the Geocomposite Better filter function because of controlled quality. A much thicker drainage layer can be replaced with a thin layer of geocomposite performing equal or better for the required drainage function. Better and consistent quality Faster and economical Construction.

We are supplying to almost all highway and Road construction company and got the approval from NHAI consultants.


HDPE Geocell

HDPE Geocell for (PMGSY) as per the specification by GKN of PMGSY given by government. 150x150mm with height 100mm containing up to 220 microns.

We are manufacturering 200-220 Microns thick 150x150x100 mm & 150x150x150 mm dimensions Concrete filled Geocells. It is recommended for fast installation of PMGSY & Rural roads. We can make any geocell as per customer requirement.


Gunny Bags

Old Gunny Bags stitched to form a roll of Gunny cloth or Hessian cloth for use in curing purpose of columns and slabs in civil consruction. The bags used are thick so that it asorbs water and retains moisture for a long time, which helps in curing of mortar and cement