Flexodrain/Drainomat are lightweight, high strength, High Impact Polypropylene modular drainage cell which are especially designed for sub-surface drainage and waterproofing membrane protection.

Drain cells offers architects and developers extensive design flexibility and has a wide range of applications in the landscape, building and construction industries.

These draincells are easy to install by interlocking them horizontally and vertically. Drain cell also act as a protection layer over waterproofing membrane, and also creates a thermal insulation barrier. The open surface design and high internal void volume enables the rapid capture and transport of high water volumes



Grass Pavers are environmentally friendly.They are made from UV stabilised, 100% recycle polypropylene. Grasspavers are chemically inert and non toxic. They allow the drainage of storm water back into the underground soil . This helps keep your property hydrated and reduces runoff into local sewer systems. Grass Pavers provide simple answers to the complicated problems associated with supplying functional areas, while maintaining green space and dealing with storm water management compliance. The porosity of the pavers eliminates the need for retention ponds, drainage systems and other expensive means of dealing with runoff always associated with solid paving.
Grass Pavers provides the strength of pavement with the natural beauty of grass while simultaneously eliminating soil compaction, reducing reflective heat and allowing for all weather accessibility at a very cost effective price.
Grass Pavers can be used for green driveway, for overflow and event parking , for fire engine access lanes , for pedestrian walkways, for utility and emergency access , for reinforcement for infiltration areas.


Drain Board

Drain Board is a nodular HDPE sheet and geotextiles is thermally bonded on the nodular sheet and are specially designed to be used in planter boxes, roof gardens due to their excellent design flexibility. We provide dimple height 8 to 10m strength compressive strength upto 40 Kn.

Application of Draincell/ Drainboard

Terrace gardens

Basement retaining walls

Sports fields

Planter and podium systems

Landscape Decks, Sports Fiends,

Agri-horti application

1.It is used on the retaining wall to protect the waterproofing Layer against mechanical damage that may occur during backfilling and then to chemicals in the ground,

2. It is recommended to use the product in order to protect the waterproofing and thermal insulation systems applied at curtain wall insulation of the buildings

3. The air between the bubbles enables the curtain wall to breathe and hence provides air circulation and can be used as curtain wall insulation.

4. It is used in the construction of foundation curtains, basement floor as a protective layer over the waterproofing system before laying of reinforcement and pouring of concrete.

5. It is used as drain board in combination with a geotextile for roof garden, planter box, etc which has a dual purpose of protecting the waterproofing system as well as passage of excess water without reaching the waterproofing system.


  • Provides protection to the waterproofing system against mechanical forces
  • Being HDPE it gives protection against chemical residues in the soil. This will protect the waterproofing system as well as the building structure.
  • Removes excess water quickly,
  • Prevents the rise of the underlying moisture as capillaries,
  • It assures equal distribution of the pressure acted by the earth load.
  • It is very economical compared to other methods such as wall braiding or polystyrene foam sticking.
  • Its application is very easy.
  • The VT Dimple board is resistant to roots and hence ideal for roof gardens and planter box.
  • The bubble structure contributes to thermal insulation.
  • It contributes to sound insulation when the interior is used.
  • Provides the air circulation required for drying damp surfaces.