Grass Paver

Grass Pavers are environmentally friendly. They are made from UV stabilised, 100% recycle polypropylene. Grasspavers are chemically inert and non toxic. They allow the drainage of storm water back into the underground soil . This helps keep your property hydrated and reduces runoff into local sewer systems.
Grass Pavers provide simple answers to the complicated problems associated with supplying functional areas, while maintaining green space and dealing with storm water management compliance. The porosity of the pavers eliminates the need for retention ponds, drainage systems and other expensive means of dealing with runoff always associated with solid paving.
Grass Pavers provides the strength of pavement with the natural beauty of grass while simultaneously eliminating soil compaction, reducing reflective heat and allowing for all weather accessibility at a very cost effective price. Grass Pavers can be used for green driveway, for overflow and event parking , for fire engine access lanes , for pedestrain walkways, for utility and emergency access , for reinforcement for infilteration areas.

Technical Parameters of Grasspavers
Dimension 500x500x25 500x500x35 500x500x40
Material 100% HI-Imapct Polpropylene 100% HI-Imapct Polpropylene 100% HI-Imapct Polpropylene
Compressive Strenth/m2 Above 250 tons Above 200 tons Above 200 tons
Weight/m2 3.3 Kgs/m2 3.6 Kgs/m2 4.3 Kgs/m2


  • Foundation Drainage
  • Retaining Wall Drainage
  • Roof Deck - Green Roofs
  • Planter Drainage
  • Sports Turf Drainage System
  • Golf Greens and Tees
  • Golf Bunkers - Sand Traps