HDPE Sheet

We manufactures, supplies and installs Geomembrane. We have extensive range of products most widely used in civil and agricultural fields, irrigation water and solid waste management, fluid conveyance and containment, ash ponds, soil protection and stabilization, land fills clousers , ponds and reservoirs, irrigation canals, Separation Membranes For road and waste treatment plants. We can manufacture (width upto 10 Mtrs, Between 40-2000 micron)


Separation Membranes for Roads/Highways : 125 Micron Virgin Transparent LDPE Sheet for road PQC Construction (As separation Purpose) we can supply the with upto 10 Mtrs as per customer requirements.

Canal Lining : We made HDPE Sheet in Black and white also for canal lining purpose width up to 10 mtrs as per customer requirement.

Pond Liner : Our Pond Liners are made of superior quality HDPE material and have long life. The Pond Liners which we provide are renowned for their easy installation. HDPE liner from 500 to 1500 micron is being used as pond line .

HDPE Geocell

HDPE Geocell for (PMGSY) as per the specification by GKN of PMGSY given by government. 150x150mm with height 100mm containing up to 220 microns.
We are manufacturering 200-220 Microns thick 150x150x100 mm & 150x150x150 mm dimensions Concrete filled Geocells. It is recommended for fast installation of PMGSY & Rural roads. We can make any geocell as per customer requirement.